'Lack of healthcare affecting stroke patients'

'Lack of healthcare affecting stroke patients'

'Lack of healthcare affecting stroke patients'

A majority of working professionals undergoing treatment for stroke are unable to return to fulltime jobs.

 There are problems with healthcare interventions with regard to stroke, as the affected people seek medical aid more than 10 hours after the symptoms have showed on them.

Due to this, several patients suffer significant disabilities, according to a study INSPIRE (A nation-wide stroke registry), conducted by Indian Cardiovascular Research and Advocacy Group (ICRAG), St John's Medical College and Research Institute. The results of this study were presented at the World Congress of Cardiology in Australia this month. 

Speaking to mediapersons here on Friday on the occasion of the final investigators’ meet of ICRAG, Dr Denis Xavier, principal investigator and head of pharmacology of St John’s Medical College, said the study included more than 11,000 stroke patients across the country and it showed the lack of healthcare available in such cases.  

Focus on heart ailments

The group also conducted two other studies, PREPARE  and SPREAD which focused on strengthening health care available for heart ailments. 

Medical Education Minister Sharanprakash Patil observed that health care in Karnataka needed more funding. N Sivasailam, Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, added that the State needed to streamline the existing programmes for better efficiency, instead of starting new schemes.