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This & That...Then & Now
R V Rajan
Productivity and Quality Publishing, 2014, pp 198,

The book contains short essays — random reflections on a variety of topics covering everyday experiences of people. It also includes a few articles based on the author’s travels, as well as tributes to his friends and relatives. The last section of the book has excerpts from his autobiography, ‘Courage My Companion’.

After Burn/After Shock
Sylvia Day
Harlequin, 2014, pp 254, 225

When it came to playing games, my lover Jax was a master strategist. He pulled strings behind the closed doors of Washington D.C.’s most powerful political players and somehow still found time to sideline my career. What he didn’t know was that when I didn’t like the rules, I threw them out and made my own.

People’s Warrior — Words and Worlds of P C Joshi
Edited by Gargi Chakravartty
Tulika Books, 2014, pp 474, 995

Faced with many disappointments within the Communist Party, P C Joshi turned to a deep and life-long engagement with the history of the Party. The materials in the P C Joshi Archives on Contemporary History consist of documents and papers from his personal collection. The cataloguing style that he developed has been retained to the present.

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales
Randy Singer
Jaico, 2014, pp 424, 399

Landon Reed is finally getting his second chance in life. As a college quarterback, he was found guilty in a point-shaving scandal that landed him in jail. The former football star finds faith and forgiveness, completing his sentence and beginning a new mission in life. He marries his longtime girlfriend, finishes law school, and stumbles into a job with the notorious Harry McNaughten.

Popular — A Memoir
Maya Van Wagenen
Penguin, 2014, pp 259, 350

Popular is written by 15-year-old Maya, a self-proclaimed ‘geek’ who’s baffled at her school’s social ladder. The jocks, the volleyball girls, the band kids, the outcasts, it felt like a jungle to her. Then Maya meets Betty — or more specifically, the 1952 edition of Betty Cornell’s Guide to Teenage Popularity, and she embarks on a brave — and secret — social experiment.

The Sculptor in Exile
Krishna Baldev Vaid
Penguin, 2014, pp 283, 399

Bringing together the best of Vaid’s highly experimental short stories, the book makes for exhilarating reading. Rigour and wit inform these complex and transgressive meditations on time, love, death, marriage, ageing, selfhood and creativity. Recurring through the collection are stories that reflect on the figure of the artist in self-imposed exile.

Kanshiram — Leader of the Dalits
Badri Narayan
Penguin, 2014, pp 256, 499

Venerated as a dalit icon, Kanshiram is regarded as being next only to Ambedkar. This book illuminates his journey, from the early years in rural Punjab and with Ambedkarites in Pune, to his launching BAMCEF, an umbrella organisation uniting backward castes, scheduled tribes, dalits and minorities, and eventually the Bahujan Samaj Party in 1984.