'Have done well on both fronts'

'Have done well on both fronts'

'Have done well on both fronts'

The IPL-7 final may have been billed as the clash between Kolkata Knight Riders’ bowling versus Kings XI Punjab batting but the skippers George Bailey and Gautam Gambhir stressed that their respective teams had more to them than what was being perceived.

“I certainly don’t think so… am not sure about Gautam but the last (time) I checked I think our team had taken the most wickets as well,” said Kings XI captain Bailey here on Saturday.

“And that certainly has been very important for us. The really hard thing I think to judge is if you get a high score or if you chase down a high score, how do you ascertain your bowling?

If you chase down 200, may be your bowling did well. And depending upon how the wicket is I think both sides will be happy with their batting sides and both teams will be happy with their bowling sides. And I don’t think you can win matches with one half of the team doing well. You need every department to do well,” he reasoned.

Gambhir echoed Bailey’s views. “I agree with George that to reach the final of such a high-profile tournament and such a long tournament, you need to do well in all three departments of the game. You can’t just say our bowling versus their batting… For Kings XI Punjab, I think, they have done well in all three departments of the game and so have we.

You can’t just depend upon your bowling, thinking it’s going to take you to the final.

Somewhere down the line in this tournament we have done well with our batting as well and vice versa,” he remarked.