Rain disrupts life in Pavagad taluk

Rain disrupts life in Pavagad taluk

Rain disrupts life in Pavagad taluk

Heavy rainfall accompanied by hailstorm and gusty winds brought normal life to a standstill in Pavagad taluk on Friday night.

Agricultural and horticultural crops have been destroyed and power supply was interrupted in several areas.

The rainfall began in the evening and continued to pound the taluk till night. As many as 80 sheep were stranded in a stream when water gushed into the villages of K Rampura and Doddahalli.

At least 30 houses have been inundated in K Rampura.

Residents had a tough time in clearing the water that destroyed foodgrains, clothes and consumer goods.

Papaya trees cultivated in 25 acres and flowering plants on five acres of land have been destroyed.

Cotton plants cultivated on seven acres and musk melon on six acres have also destroyed.

Agricultural crops including ragi, groundnuts, onions, maize, have been damaged and several trees have been uprooted.

Due to the impact of hailstorm, there are very little chances of them sprouting back to life.

Power supply was interrupted following damages to several power lines and a transformer was burnt.