Winston Churchill's daughter dies at 91

Winston Churchill's daughter dies at 91

Winston Churchill's daughter dies at 91

Lady Mary Soames, the last surviving child of former UK Prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill, has died at the age of 91, her family said today.

Soames died peacefully at her home yesterday evening surrounded by her family, after a short illness.

She was the youngest of the five children of Britain's wartime Prime Minister and his wife Clementine.

She is survived by her five children from her marriage to Baron Christopher Soames, who died in 1987.

Her son Nicholas Soames, a Conservative party MP, said, "She was a truly remarkable and extraordinary woman, who led a very distinguished life.

She was not just a wonderful mother to whom we were all devoted, but the head and heart of our family after our father died, and will be greatly missed".

Lady Soames was 17 during the outbreak of World War II and at the age of 18 she joined up for the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women's army.

She also worked for the Red Cross and the Women's Voluntary service from 1939 to 1941.
Soames got married on 1947.

She wrote a celebrated biography of her mother, Clementine Churchill, which was published in 1979.

After her husband died in 1987 she served for six years as chairman of the board of the National Theatre.