Giving wings to dreams

Giving wings to dreams

Tough Path

Giving wings to dreams

IN CONTROL: Pursuing their ambitions.

Everyone has jitters about their first job. It is a giant leap from the carefree environment of the college into a ‘big, bad world’. There are many questions in the mind of a student when he/she goes for a job interview — What will be the salary offered? How long will the training period be? Will I stick on to the company even after the training period? The queries are endless.

Sahana Shankar, a computer science engineering student from Atria Institute of Technology says, “I want to work in an MNC because I feel that it is the best place to learn things fast. I want a decent pay check and ample scope to improvise my skills in the international market. I have no problems in signing a bond, but would prefer to stay in Bangalore only. Support and encouragement from colleagues and superiors are necessary.”
There are some who look for fun as well in their work. “I wanted a job where I could have some fun. When I was just out of college, I was not serious and was excited about getting my own money. Clarity in the job was a secondary criteria. It was only after a year that I started thinking about the direction my job should take. That is why I’m doing my MBA now,” says Namitha, who is currently pursuing an executive MBA course and working as an Operations Executive for Manipal Universal Learning Pvt Ltd.

Some students finish their education and then join work, while some others do post graduate courses after working for a year or two, so that they can get promotions or hikes in salary.

There are those who have the jobs ready-made. Hrushikesh K S, an engineering student from Acharya Institute of Technology says, “I don’t have to look for a job once I’m done with my studies. We have a family business and I’m going to join it once I graduate. I have seen the factory as well as heard from my father since childhood about what we manufacture and how to go about it. So I already know what is in store for me.”

Vinay, who is working as a Transition Consultant,  says, “I did my MBA and was looking for a job I had always dreamt of. Salary was not important to me. I just wanted a friendly working environment where the manager was not too fussy and the team mates were good to work with. I had no problems signing a bond until and unless it did not cross six months to a year. But this company didn’t ask me to sign any bond.”

 Some of them look for salary while some search for job satisfaction. It is very important for a person to enjoy what he/she does. Some people are ready to sign bonds if they are sure that this is exactly the job they want. Some have no problem working anywhere in the country while others are very choosy about the City they are going to work in. A few others don’t want to work in shifts. Some of the conditions are fulfilled while some are not.