Designs for the season

Designs for the season


Designs for the season

Though Christmas decorating is often whimsical and temporary, follow many of the same decorating principles that you'd use when decorating your home for the long run say expert decorators. One can turn their homes into warm welcoming spaces filled with cheer for the season. However, if you are not big on decorating and feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the effort involved there are some simple ways you can add some Christmas lustre to your home without breaking the bank or stressing out too much.

Christmas card decorations: A collection of old Christmas cards can become part of your Christmas decor quite effectively.Use them to frame a doorway or window. That way you can see every card and enjoy it all over again. The look is very personal and warm.If you want the display to look a little dressier, place a greenery swag or large bow at each corner of the door frame. Use cards to do up your kitchen cabinets or even a second tree in the garden or balcony. In fact any neglected space can look festive simply with Christmas cards strung together with red ribbon or yarn.

Toy-land theme: Pick up inexpensive teddy bears and dolls and stuffed toys. Dress them up with ribbons , holiday fabrics and little cardboard boxes wrapped as tiny presents.

Candles: Place  tea-light candles in cleaned out glass jars. Tie a holiday ribbon around the neck, and you have a beautiful candle with Christmas charm. Group several jars together for a dramatic evening effect.

Bauble bowls: Place a few sparkly balls and tinsel in a glass bowl along with some with some greenery or some leftover ribbon to brighten up a table or side cabinet.
Gift-wrap frames: Take down some of your pictures, wrap them like a gift and hang them back on the wall in a couple of rooms for an amusing and simple decorating idea.

Decorate the light fittings: Tie greens or ornaments to the lights and chandeliers with red and green Christmas ribbon. Do keep in mind that Christmas decorations chosen should harmonise with your interiors and not clash. If your space is warm and cozy, choose Christmas decorations in shapes and colours that retain that feeling. If your space is cool and contemporary, choose decorations that are sleek and sophisticated.