A home away from home

A home away from home

A home away from home

A new academic year is almost upon the youngsters and for many who have left their hometown to come and study in the City, accommodation is a big concern. 

Many criteria like safety, accessability, comforts and other facilities must be considered.

The biggest concern amongst the parents of these students is to find a safe and respectable for their children. Most people prefer college hostels as the safety concern is satisfied. But students, who are looking for some freedom, have a different take on the matter and this is where paying guest accommodations (PG) come in. 

 Sharing her experiences, Amrutha says, “Initially, it was frightening to be away from home, but later it turned out to be a life-changing experience. I made some of my best friends here. Food is not provided hence I learnt to cook. And the there is no security so I realised  it’s best to watch my own back. All this gave me a sense of independence.”

“My first year in a PG was terrible. I was homesick, depressed and couldn’t concentrate on my studies. Later, I adjusted and the remaining two years were much better,” says Pallavi, a former Mount Carmel College student.

It’s hard to adjust to a new place after living at home all your life.   Ammu, a student of Mount Carmel College, says, “I was used to having my privacy, like my own room and bed. I was also very particular about all the facilities like proper bathrooms and clean toilets. But everything was shared and everyone had access to everything. It was hard for me to digest and adjust with the people there.”

There are a few drawbacks to this kind of a life. “I changed three PGs in a span of six months. Girls in PGs are very bold. My roommate would smoke in our room and they used to bring drinks, hide it in rooms and party every night with loud music. All these was officially banned but breaking rules seemed fun for them. Girls like me can survive only in strict hostels so I shifted,” says Vandana.

Other common complaints about PGs is the that is food provided. Ankura says “I never felt homesick because I connected with the hostel people due to mutual hatred towards the food.”

There are PGs that don’t take rules very lightly. For guys like Prashanth, who like staying in PGs because it’s fun to break the rules and go out at night, a strict PG can be a headache. “Unfortunately, my friend and I got caught one night and we were ordered to clean our rooms for a week.”

There maybe hundreds of such accommodations in the City, but finding a suitable one for a reasonable cost is a difficult task. Usually parents take up this responsibility.

Ravi says, “I didn’t want my daughter to travel too much in an unknown city so I went to all the ones around the college and shortlisted it to two. The final decision was up to my daughter.”

Due to competition, PG owners work hard to provide as many facilities as possible. Ramesh, a PG owner says, “I converted my house into rooms. Though I can’t provide food,  my PG has a well-equipped kitchen with microwave for cooking and heating. Overall I try to give the best facilities possible to my paying guests.”