A break from studies

A break from studies

A break from studies

It was a week of festivities at RV Institute of Management, as they conducted their inter-class competitions and extra-curricular and cultural events, recently.

The main idea behind the event was to provide a platform for the MBA students to showcase their talents in the various events and for them to get a break from their academic routine. 

The cultural events included singing and dancing and the week extra-curricular events included photography on the themes ‘summer’ and ‘geometry’, drawing, painting and sketching organised on the theme ‘market’, ‘rural India’ and ‘role model’.

All the students showcased their talents in various events with a lot of enthusiasm. Shivayogi Jotawar, a second semester student took part in the debate competition. 

“I have been a part of different debate events but this experience was different as the topic was unique. Our topic was ‘application of ancient wisdom in modern management’, and it was unique. 

We had to find out many things and it was an educative process,” he said. He elaborated about how there were students who spoke against and for the topic and it was an interactive event. “We had eight minutes to present the topic and the topic was given to us a day before. Since the topic was unique it was hard to find material for the same,” he said.

The ‘ethnic day’ saw different students dress up in traditional outfits and they were excited about dressing up. Vidyullatha Shridhar, a second semester student was very excited to have had a chance to dress up in a half saree. 

“It’s very rare to get a chance to dress up like this. I wore the outfit of a village girl and it was fun. I was overjoyed that I won a prize in the competition too,” she said.Of the other cultural events, Asrar Ahmed said that it was a delight to take part in the singing competition. 

 “I sang a melody and it was a different experience. Since this was my first experience on stage, it was special,” he said. Asrar said that it was a learning experience to sing along with someone.

 Farhan Zain, a fourth year student says that the photography event was intriguing and helped to kindle his creativity.

“I shot pictures of icecream and a person washing his face in the heat. The competition compared the creative side of the pictures more than the clarity of them,” he said. He said that the insight of the photographer was judged more than the quality of the photograph.