Students showcase their fashionable side

Students showcase their fashionable side

Students showcase their fashionable side

This was definitely a proud moment in their lives! Afterall their college gave them a platform to make a mark on a public arena.

Leading French fashion school Mod’Art International, a sister concern of Mod’Art International, Paris recently held its annual fashion show ‘A La Mode, 2014’, which witnessed some of the industry’s top models donning creations by the students of the college.

Choreographed by Ketan Bhatia, the event showcased the best of 48 creations of the students. 

The collection was judged by a jury of industry stalwarts such as stylist Rishi Raj and designer Shivali Misra of Purple Paper Bag fame. Fashion management guru Patrice De Place, president, Mod’Art International Paris, and former director Christian Dior was also seen cheering the students at the show. 

Commenting on the gala event, Himanshu Singhal, director, Mod’Art International, said, “A La Mode has always successfully acted as an ideal platform for the discovery of fresh designing talent. We take extreme pride in the calibre and competency of our students and through them we hope to give to the industry just the kind of talent they require.”

The collections this year included various exotic themes like, Parable O Castle, which was based on the architectural beauty of the palaces and forts around the world.

The collection had laser-cut fabrics inspired by these forts. Another theme was Archaic Au Courant. The idea behind this concept was to represent two entirely contrary worlds – the modern times versus the medieval vintage. 

Spring Umbrella was another theme inspired by the early monsoons at the time of spring. This collection featured sheer fabrics, nets and flowery designs. Whereas, Resurrection of the Medieval, depicted the dramatic look of the medieval era.

The rich garments were brought alive by the earthy colours to infuse the understated and dramatic at the same time. The final theme was Flurry Gust which was a mix of flamboyance and quirk.

Metrolife spoke to few students of the college to find out what they felt about being part of such a big event. Eshpreet Dholla, a first year student who created five garments on the theme Spring Umbrella, said, “It was a lot of fun as I got to explore the City a lot. I am from Jalandhar and roaming from one place to another for fabrics and other things was a lot of fun. It was definitely one of my best learning experiences till date.”

Meenakshi Agarwal, a third year student, said, “My garme-nts were based on the theme Parable O Castle and showed the windows of various forts. Although it was very hectic, such experiences are important for upcoming designers like us.”

The enthusiastic desi-gner has also started her own label called ‘Meenakshi Agarwal’ and wants to take it to another level.

Previous renditions of ‘A La Mode’ have seen ready-to-wear collections. Operating on the philosophy of bringing the best of European fashion to India, Mod’Art equips its students with the best of theoretical training and industry exposure as well. 

Vashimla Awungshi, another second year student, shared her experience about the fashion show. “My garments were based on the theme Archaic Au Courant and I had six garments, one male garment and five female garments. My favourite designers are Alexander McQueen, Manish Arora and Sabyasachi,” she said.