Use technology for development: State former DRDO chief

Speaking after inaugurating the International Conference on Electronic Designing and Colour Processing, providing an overview on recent developments in the field of “Electronics in Healthcare” organised by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Manipal Institute of Technology here at library auditorium, he said that health care has become the major arena of research in 21st century.
Technology pervades society. It seems as though the technology has influence on everything we do. The creator and created may become indistinguishable owing to rapid pace. The innovations and technological advancements have been tremendous during the last hundred years in contrast to the past three millenniums. Material Science, Communication and in between electronics are the three major areas today on which everything depends, he added.

During the 1940s the two world wars triggered technological advancements in the field of Defence. Micro miniatures became the major issue of the 1960s. Recently nanotechnology and nano robotics ushered a new kind of thinking. Currently Defence has reached the height to sustain development without further aid. Now, it is the turn of health sciences, which seeks maximum technological attentions, Aatre added.
India has many health care related problems. It has dubious destination in the field of diabetes with more than 40 percent contribution to the world’s entire diabetic population. Humanity has to solve all the problems if it has to sustain in the mess which we have created with not so wise use of technology. Nothing come without risk. Youngsters should use technology with a sense of development rather than like a mere devices, Aatre said.

“Technology plays a crucial role in diagnosing the diseases in the early stages. Seminars and conferences are very important to keep pace with innovations in the field of science and technology. It helps to update one self in recent advances of technology” said Manipal University Pro Chancellor Dr H S Ballal. Conference proceedings were released by Dr Aatre.       

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