Patient dies as hospital cot gives way

Patient dies as hospital cot gives way

A 60-year-old woman, admitted to Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital here, allegedly fell to her death after the hospital cot gave way.

Noor Jahan, a resident of Vaniyambadi in Tamil Nadu, breathed her last on Monday afternoon after the cot broke, leading to her fall, according to her family members.

Jahan was admitted to the hospital on May 29 after she complained of pain in the abdomen.

She was later diagnosed with hernia.

Samilullah, one of Jahan’s relatives, said, “An operation was successfully performed on her on May 29. For two days, she was in the intensive care unit, following which she was shifted to the general ward.”

He added that the cot provided to Jahan was in a poor condition and was unstable.

The family alleged that despite approaching the doctors, none of them bothered to replace the rickety cot.

“Later, around 4 pm on Monday, the cot broke and Jahan fell down and sustained head injuries. She died after a while,” Samilullah said.

Jahan had come to the City to visit her son who lives in Govindapura.

The family alleged that the hospital authorities made them sign a letter saying the patient’s relatives will not file a police complaint or inform the media about the incident.

The hospital, however, claimed that despite doctors’ efforts, the woman could not be revived as she suffered a heart attack.

Dr Harinarayan, Resident Medical Officer, Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital, said, “Noor Jahan was operated upon for hernia. When she fell from the bed,  she sustained injury in her head. After sometime, she had a heart attack. We tried to revive her but she died around 5 pm.”

Police said no complaint had been lodged in this regard as they were informed that high blood pressure had caused Jahan’s death.

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