In the company of young adults

In the company of young adults

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In the company of young adults

It was a day out for families as parents and kids got together at ‘Bring Your Kids to work’ event held at Yahoo Labs recently.

The day saw kids, from ages two to 12, having a gala time with exciting carnivals, fun workshops and various activities.

The highlight of the day was the acting workshop conducted by TV actor and anchor Vishal Malhotra. The peppy actor made a grand entry by throwing chocolates at the kids. He connected with the tiny tots immediately by a warm group hug and then went on to host a few activities for them such as ‘Role play’ and ‘Mirror game’. The entire workshop was aimed to instil confidence and bring out the best in the children. 

Vishal asked a few kids to come on stage and taught them how to take a bow. This was followed by ‘Role play’, in which the parents too participated. He explained certain situations to the parents and asked them to enact the scene. The kids were excited to see their parents on stage.   

   During the ‘Mirror game’, the child imitated the parents. Dancing, clicking selfies and kids running around added to the day’s cheer. The actor also gave out certain acting tips like how to walk back from stage and conducted a mini rapid-fire round where he taught them how to answer quickly to the audience. By the end of the workshop, the kids were energised and wanted more of these activities.  
 “It was quite fun being on stage. I loved acting with my child. I came for this event because I wanted my kid to spend time with other children,” said Rohit, a senior architect at Yahoo. 

   “It is a wonderful initiative and I want my child to make a lot of friends here, interact with children and enjoy himself,” said Kirthi. 

The day also saw interesting hang-outs such as a creative photobooth, a wall-art session where the kids left their handprints and played with colour on canvas and many stalls like those for hair-braiding and face-painting. They also tapped to the tunes of Lungi Dance and ‘Hookah Bar’ and returned with full goody bags.