'The wellness industry in India is growing rapidly'

'The wellness industry in India is growing rapidly'

Expat speak

She has enjoyed all the luxuries of life and spent days at iconic five star hotels, spas and resorts in many countries.

Expat Tracey Poole, who has had an extensive career dedicated to the spa and hospitality industry with many years working in luxury five star hotels worldwide, now finds herself in the national Capital as the director of Spa, Six Senses Resorts and Spas, Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort. 

She has been living in Delhi for nearly three years now and has found time to savour the sights, sounds and culture of the City. 

So, what made her head for India and make it her home? 

“I have been working abroad, in Asian countries for many years and I have always had a very strong interest in Indian culture and the people. So I was delighted when my job allowed me the opportunity to live here. Initially, there were some challenges in adapting to the new environment and establishing a foundation in a new country, but I have been warmly welcomed and have very much enjoyed it from the start.” 

Talking about her career and why she wanted to be part of the hospitality industry, Tracey, says, “As a child I was always interested in the healing aspect of human nature. Initially, I planned to be a nurse like my mother. But I soon realised that I am better suited for a career on healing and wellness rather than caring for the sick.” Tracey trained as an aesthetician at the New Zealand Institute of Aesthetics and Electrolysis, graduating with all National and International certification. 

Commenting on the Indian spa industry and its steady pace of development, Tracey, says, “The wellness industry in India has been growing rapidly. Now, there is a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining health and personal grooming. Although India was initially slow, but now it is rapidly changing. Indians are becoming more aware of their personal well-being and health. Indians spend money on therapies and also like getting value for money. 

Spa memberships and ‘social spa-ing’ is the new trend in this country.”

So, apart from being a busy entrepreneur, how does she spend her time? “I love to spend time with my family and friends, although my immediate family is not in India. I also like travelling and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, learning about history and tasting various cuisines around the world.”

Talking about her hobbies, Tracey, says, “I absolutely love reading books. For me a day off at home and reading my favourite novel is pure luxury. I also like to go shopping and do yoga. Cooking is also one of my hobbies other than listening to music and dance. I really enjoy all kinds of vegetarian Indian food, but, I am not so keen on some of the rich sweets, but everything else is great here.”