'I feel like the king of the world!'

'I feel like the king of the world!'

On the road

Another season of the youth reality show, MTV Roadies, has come to an end. With the new mantra, ‘No vote-outs, only performance can get you to win’, the show has produced yet another winner — Nikhil Sachdeva.

The Delhi-based tattoo artist has waited a long time for this moment. “I have dreamed of this all my life. It is every kid’s dream to be a ‘Roadie’ and for the past eight years, I have been preparing for this. I feel like the king of the world!” But he says he is trying not to let it get to his head, “I can’t ask for anything more.” 

His passion for biking and travelling got him started on this journey. However, he soon realised he had bigger dreams to chase. “I wanted to flaunt my name so that people say, ‘oh, it’s Nick, that guy who won Roadies’ and come to my tattoo parlour,” he says. 

He and his friend were planning to audition together for years. “I lost my best friend in a biking accident last year and that’s what kept me motivated throughout. I’m doing this for him.”

When asked whether he was deterred by his friend’s accident, he says the thought of giving up has never crossed his mind.

“I’m not a quitter. A true man is someone who gets up even if he breaks his teeth and surrenders to no one,” he added. The host of the show, Rannvijay Singh, has reportedly called him an “inspiration”. But Nikhil rejects the title. 

This is the second time he is trying out for the show. “I spent a year working out and getting in shape after Rannvijay rejected me the first time. If I hadn’t made it in this year as well, I’d have been happy that I tried at least,” he says.

“A lot of times, I thought I would go home. I took a vow that I wouldn’t touch meat if I won and now I’ve turned into a vegetarian!” He found Taru PK and Utkarsh Khanna to be his toughest competitors.

“The competition is not just about being physically strong. Sid (Siddharth Krishna) is better built and stronger than me but lost in the ‘Walk the Talk’ round.”

He defends the show against its critics with a ferocity. “The show is youth-oriented and while the ragging may look harsh, someone needs to teach the participants a lesson. If we (the youth) don’t set an example, who will?”

A word of advice he has for the next generation of Roadies is to take care while filling in the entry form. “Don’t write abusive stuff on the form. Be who you are or else the judges will rag you.” He is very grateful to the fans. “The fans turned my win into a victory,” he signs off.