BU to train foreign language teachers for KV schools

BU to train foreign language teachers for KV schools

BU to train foreign language teachers for KV schools

The Foreign Languages department of the Bangalore University (BU) will assist Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) schools in the City and all over the State in teaching foreign languages to students.

A total of 34 KV schools in the State, including 11 in Bangalore, will benefit from BU’s plans to expand foreign language teaching.

The link-up between BU and KV schools in foreign languages is happening as KV schools all over the country will soon introduce foreign languages as a subject, under directions from the Ministry for Primary and Secondary Education and the Union Human Resources Development Ministry.

Baby steps

As a first step in this tie-up, BU has decided to train more teachers in German and Spanish and will offer from this year an MA in both.

New trainees will also be admitted to the MA programme in French and Japanese.

Faculty at the department say the four languages are the most popular at the under-graduate level. The post-graduate programmes in these languages are crucial to churn out teachers.

Teaching cannot be taken up unless trainees hold master’s degrees. The KV schools are always considered superior in the country’s school system.

The KV schools expect a minimum post-graduate qualification among teachers. In India, barring the Jawaharlal Nehru University, BU is the only institution teaching 11 foreign languages under one roof.

Other centres

The other centres teaching foreign languages are the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad and the Institute of Foreign Languages, Mysore. The two centres offer post-graduation, but do not teach 11 languages under one roof.

The BU foreign languages faculty told Deccan Herald that students who did their courses at BU got jobs in KV Schools in North Karnataka, specially Belgaum.

The feedback from them has spurred BU to take up new MA programmes. The KV schools have the reputation of producing toppers and are highly disciplined.

BU’s objective is to be able to generate teachers who can be part of the entire KV network in the State and in Bangalore.

Apart from KV schools, private universities and international schools are also keen on having foreign language teachers.

The highest number of such schools is in Bangalore. North Karnataka too has a few in areas close to Belgaum, Hubli and Davangere.

These schools are said to prefer French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

The demand to learn foreign languages has resulted from the rapid growth of the Information Technology (IT) industry in India, particularly Bangalore.

IT opened up new vistas - youngsters now travel to all major European countries, the Americas and South East Asia (from Singapore to Japan and Korea).

China too has become a major stop.

To be able to handle work in these countries, a working knowledge of the respective language is necessary.

The BU is the only public, government-backed institution to offer such courses in Bangalore.