Traffic police clocks violations every 2 minutes!

Traffic police clocks violations every 2 minutes!

With several innovative measures in place to check traffic offenders, Mysore City Police has registered as many as 2,72,586 cases during the year 2013-14, ending in May.

The department has lodged 747 cases every day, or one case every two minutes for various traffic offences in the city limits.

According to a release by the Police Commissioner, unwavering vigilance by traffic police had cut down the number of accidents, accident related deaths and injuries during the year.

Data shows that as 387 accidents occurred in the year 2011-12, in which 49 fatalities and 432 injuries were reported. Total cases, related to traffic lodged during the year was 59,365.

In the following year, 2012-13, a total of 371 accidents occurred during the year, in which 61 fatalities and 401 injuries occurred to drivers and pedestrians. During the year, 92,819 cases were lodged.

In 2013-14, the number of cases lodged swelled by almost 300 per cent as compared to 2012-13, with 2,72,586 cases.

During the year, the number of accidents reported were 305, with 49 fatalities and 346 injuries.

That is, the number of accidents reduced by roughly 20 per cent as compared to previous years and accident related injuries by 17 per cent.

Among the various cases lodged, 2,319 are drunk driving cases, 4,182 related to driving without a license, 53,144 cases for helmetless driving, 2,225 cases for using mobile phones while driving and 2,09,335 cases listed under other traffic violations, as per the release.

Police Commissioner, M A Saleem said that other cases involved minor traffic violations spotted at the Enforcement Automation Center of city police.

“While the number of cases lodged are high, the number of people who have paid fine for these violations are also high. About 92,000 people have paid fines for violations during the year,” he added.

The release also noted that traffic police had initiated several measures to ensure that strict traffic laws are being followed in Mysore city limits.

Steps are being taken to suspend the licenses of 549 persons for repeated drunken driving, the release noted.

Apart from this, helmet campaign, seat-belt campaign, Public-Eye, launching traffic cobras to man traffic at crucial locations, deploying home guards and traffic wardens to man the traffic has also helped in reducing accidents in roads.