Docs warn against buying fake contact lenses online

Docs warn against buying fake contact lenses online

Ophthalmologists and suppliers of optic health products are warning consumers before they purchase eye care products, especially from online portals.

Manufacturers of eye care products and registered optical outlets in the City maintain that a number of websites have been duping consumers by selling contact lenses under the name of reputed brands.

The staff from Bausch and Lomb said that they recently issued a public notification informing citizens to be wary of websites that have been selling lenses bearing their company name in an unauthorised manner.

Elaborating, officials from the firm said: “Ideally, lenses should be sold only after a checkup by an optometrist. Lens cartons with missing batch numbers are usually fake. Every month, we receive scores of complaints about eye problems caused by fake lenses.”

Meanwhile, a City-based ophthalmologist pointed out that wearing fake and low-quality contact lenses can lead to itching, redness and can cause permanent eye damage.

Eye specialist and Head of Narayana Nethralaya, Dr K Bhujang Shetty said that there should be regulation over the sale of contact lenses on the websites.

Speaking about the consequences of wearing fake and defective lenses, Dr Shetty said: “Since cornea is the part of the eye on which lenses are placed, wearing defective ones can harm it, leading to eye infections and damage. If a person experiences itching, dryness, redness then he/she should remove them immediately and consult an ophthalmologist.”

A registered contact lens dealer, Hemanth, maintained that they hand over lenses to the consumer only after viewing the prescription or after an eye check up is done at an optical outlet.

When the Cyber Crime Cell was contacted, they said that they have not received any complaints from the public as well as lens suppliers about fake contact lenses.

Roopa D, Deputy Inspector General of Police, (Economic Offences), CID, said : “We have only received complaints wherein sellers have duped consumers on shopping websites. We can take action once a complaint is lodged by contact lens manufacturers. In case websites are selling lenses in the name of other brands, then it is a violation of copyright and trademark.”