Synerject scouts for OEM partners to expand in India

Synerject scouts for OEM partners to expand in India

Synerject, a 70:30 joint venture between Continental Corporation and Orbital Corporation of Australia, is ramping up its presence in the burgeoning two-wheeler market in India by expanding its OEM network.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, Synerject CEO Torsten Bellon said the company forayed into India in 2010 at an appropriate time when the automotive industry was undergoing a technological and regulatory transformation.

“We are already in the Indian market along with our parent company Continental and we want to expand our OEM numbers soon. Once we get the synergy with initial intiatives with our current OEMs, we are ready to go in for our own plant to start production with substantial investments,” Bellon said.

Synerject develops powertrain products for two-wheelers with its fuel injection system, covering 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines primarily upto the 250-cc range.

Synergect, a market leader in Taiwan, is planning to replicate its growth history in fuel injection technology in India. “Our company is into two-wheelers, recreation, marine and utility segments. But in India, we are focussing on two-wheelers with a modular approach so that we can reduce costs. Here, our focus is on complete system solutions for the two wheeler market,” he said.

We want mechatronics to play a greater role in the automotive industry, especially in the two-wheeler segment. Here, besides engine management system (EMS) or electronic fuel injection systems (EFI), anti-lock braking system (ABS) plays a major role. Today roughly 1,00,000 units out of the 15 million units produced in India have EMS / EFI, while the rest still have carburetor technology,” Torsten Bellon said.

“Better policy initiatives are very important for us. Currently, we have only Bharat stage III in the two-wheeler industry. Even if we introduce Bharat Stage IV, it will not give us an edge with our technologies. I think the latest Bharat Stage V will give importance to the technologies we have with us,” he added.