By 2016, SWR wants to be unmanned level crossings free

By 2016, SWR wants to be unmanned level crossings free

By 2016, SWR wants to be unmanned level crossings free

As part of annual safety measure, South Western Railways (SWR), Mysore has decided to eliminate 40 unmanned level crossings (ULC) in 2014-15.

The crossings will be replaced either by road over bridge, road under bridge, subway or change in route depending on the local conditions, according to Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), SWR, Mysore D Rajkumar Lal.

Speaking to the media at his office, here, on Wednesday, Lal said, following a series of  mishaps at unmanned level crossings, railway authorities have been getting rid of such crossings in a phased manner.

In the last five years (2009 to 2014), eight people have lost their lives at the crossings, while 20 have sustained injuries.

The division had 503 level crossings, including 237 unmanned and 266 manned gates (crossings) in its jurisdiction.

Among them, 57 level crossings were eliminated in the previous year, while a proposal has been submitted to recruit guards at 121 gates.

By the year 2016, it is intended to make the division ‘ULC free’ Lal asserted.

According to Lal, apart from the safety measures adopted by the railways, general public and road users also have a role to play.

He said people should be aware of the routes and also the passing of the train to avoid any mishaps.

According to Indian Motor Vehicle Act (IMV), in the case of public carriers, be it a goods or passenger vehicles, it is the duty of the cleaner or conductor to ensure that the trains are not in the near sight on the either side of the gate, while they are passing through the crossings.

Earlier, in the meeting held to discuss safety measures, it was decided to continue to create awareness at gram panchayat level (as most of the unmanned level crossings are in rural areas), by distributing pamphlets about do’s and don’ts.

As part of the annual exercise, SWR is observing Safety Week from June 2 to June 6.