Firm told to refund unhappy consumer

Firm told to refund unhappy consumer

It had assured money back guarantee on massage belt

Since it did not work he had complained to Hello Fitness which gave him another belt. But this too did not work.

He  complained to the Bangalore district consumer disputes redressal forum Bangalore Urban and its President,  B S Reddy has ordered the firm to refund Rs. 5000 to him as on its receipt itself it promises money back guarantee to consumers, if the product does not work.

Play School wins case

Suma V R had complained to this court about deficient service against Pravesh Play School claiming that it had caused her mental agony and harassment. She had admitted her toddler to this school and he began attending it in June 2009.

The school Principal informed her that her child had learning difficulties and needed special attention in language skills etc.  Annoyed by this advise she had altercations with the school staff resulting in her child being dismissed from this school.

She complained to this forum but the evidence showed that the school had not been deficient in service and had only advised her to get special help for her child. Finding her complaint non-maintanable, the forum dismissed it.

Builder to refund

This court has ordered Deccan Builders and Developers to refund Rs. 4,65,000 to Anuradha Patankar who is still waiting for a site for which she paid up this amount as the first instalment. They claimed to start the Deccan Aero Plaisance Layout in Mandibele village, Bangalore Rural district.

But when she tried to get a loan from her bank to pay up the remaining amount for the site the bank refused to give her the loan as it found the title deeds given by the builders to be faulty.

The forum has also awarded her Rs. 10,000 as compensation. Six Cool Privilege Cool members waited in vain for 6 nights and seven days of free fun at Goa, insurance coverage, wildlife jaunts, free site, free holiday package etc. from Country Club and Amrutha Castle. This forum has ordered them to refund amounts ranging from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,15,000 to the six gullible consumers.