Honour for unsung heroes

Honour for unsung heroes

Selfless service

The moment we think about heroes, the image one gets is of a person in a fancy outfit carrying weapons and the many successful tales that go with it.

 In reality, one doesn’t really find such people. But does this mean that there are no heroes? The Bangalore traffic along with Bangalore Political Action Committee (B Pac) has come up with an idea to enrich traffic quality by awarding traffic head constables and constables. This will enrich the duty quality and give these people a sense of recognition for the work they do for the society. 

“Constables work day in and out. It’s our way of recognising their work and thanking them for doing their duty. Even in this rainy season, they are out on duty helping people and making sure our traffic plies smoothly,” said MNBP Prasad, DCP Traffic East. “This initiative has been taken so that no one is left out in this inclusive development of Bangalore,” said Anil Shetty, CEO, ‘The World Peacekeepers Movement’.

“This kind of a programme has been done before and we have awarded people from other services. We are focussing on traffic cops but wish to do the same for auto drivers and BBMP workers,” he added.

This will bring out the best in them and they will realise that their good efforts are rewarded and don’t go unrecognised. When asked about the jury, Anil said that this is yet to be decided but will consist of bureaucrats.

 The idea of appreciating and awarding the cops involves personal experiences too because citizens can nominate their favourite cop to the list by either sending an SMS explaining how the cop helped them to 9008598334 or mail trafficpoliceconstable@gmail.com