'I learnt everything the hard way'

'I learnt everything the hard way'

Aspiring High

Mohit Marwah, one of the lead actors in the upcoming Bollywood film, Fugly, was in the City recently to promote it.

He was all smiles as he chatted with Metrolife about his debut movie, his character role and his acting career. “I had a lot of fun acting in Fugly. I play the role of a boy named Dev. He travels a lot and is a strong-minded person. He is someone who is on his own and has a lot of angst. The only common feature we both share is our love for travel. It was quite challenging to get into the head of the character and I hope the effort shows in the movie,” he says.  

He adds that Fugly weaves in comedy, social messages, twists and excitement. “The reason why everyone should go watch it is because the youth can connect to it. All the characters are relatable. The movie is mainly about change and fighting the ugliness in society. Change is something that the youth is fighting for and it is the only thing that is constant.” 

Mohit realised his passion for acting when he was in high school and soon took it forward to make it his profession. “I did a film-making course for a year in Delhi and then wanted to explore a little and understand the society’s harsh realities. I realised it was important to get out of my comfort zone because, as an actor, I will essentially be re-creating human life.

I wanted to understand human nature in all its forms. I started working behind the camera as an assistant director and it was crazy for the first six months. I was tossed around and learnt everything the hard way. Working on the sets for 16 hours was a huge learning experience. I then went to New York and sharpened my skills in a theatre school, where I got a different feel of life,” he says. 

After his stint in New York, he returned to Mumbai and then auditioned for the movie. “I survived 10 rounds of grilling auditions and the first thing I did after that was take a holiday. The director wanted to see if we all could work hard. I soon met my co-actors and we became very close. I share a great bond with all the actors in the movie. If there is one thing you can’t fake, it is friendship.”