Creative pipes

Creative pipes

Ever thought something as ordinary as PVC pipes can be converted into creative showpieces? Hema Anand tells us how..

Can you guess what the beautiful showpiece in the picture is made from. They are made from PVC pipes. These pipes are strong and durable and are also cheap. So they can be easily used to make beautiful and useful articles. Also they are available in different diameters starting from three-fourth inches and can be cut to the required height. It will only take your imagination, creativity and skills to transform something as mundane as PVC pipes to into some wonderful things for your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wood log showpiece

To make this lovely showpiece , take a PVC pipe of three inches diameter and about 10 inches in height. Take two PVC pipes of about 11/2 inch diameter and four inches height. Get one end of each of the small PVC pipes and cut at an angle of 45 degree.Smoothen the edges of the pipes using sand paper.Clean all the pipes thoroughly. 

Take some ceramic powder. Make a mixture of the ceramic powder and fevicol in the ratio 3:2 using some water and apply this mixture on the bigger PVC pipes in a straight pattern using your fingers till it is properly covered on all sides. 

When it is still wet, take some fine sand, dip your fingers in the sand and apply little of the sand on the wet ceramic mixture in the same straight pattern so as to get the rough and woody finish (resembling the bark of a tree). Repeat the same process with the smaller pipes and leave all the three pipes to dry. When they are fully dry, stick the smaller pipes on either side of the bigger pipe so as to make the stems using the ceramic and fevicol mixture. Cut two cardboard or plywood pieces of the diameter of the bigger PVC pipe and stick them to the base and top of the pipe using a strong glue.

When everything is completely dry, apply a coat of primer on it and leave for some time. Paint the whole piece with brown acrylic paint. Decorate with artificial leaves and flowers or paint leaves and flowers on it .When the paint is dry, apply a coat of varnish for a glossy finish. Stick some dry hay in the smaller PVC pipes to make it look like nests. You can also stick small artificial birds from any old show piece in the nests. Your show piece is now ready.

There are also many more utility items which can be made using PVC pipes:l Pen stands, spoon stands or utility stands for keeping knives, spatulas, scissors , rolling pins etc in the kitchen can be made using these pipes. Just take PVC pipes of the desired dimensions , cover the base properly and then decorate them.

l Organisers for kids’ room can be made by using two or three PVC pipes of different diameters and height. Stick them together on a wooden or plastic plank using a strong glue. Paint them in attractive colours, stick some funky stickers and your organiser is ready. Kids will love to keep all their stuff  like charts, top sheets, stationery, rackets, balls, chargers etc in it.

l Make dividers for your dressing table or wardrobe drawers. Measure the length, breadth and height of the drawer and accordingly get PVC pipes cut to be arranged inside the drawers. Paint them and stick them inside the drawers to keep all your stuff in an orderly manner.

l Make pretty napkin rings to decorate your dining table for special occasions by using PVC pipes of smaller diameter. Cut it into two inch pieces and cover them by sticking a pretty lace to make beautiful napkin rings.