Beautifying your terrace

Beautifying your terrace

Beautifying your terrace

Terrace can be the perfect place to unwind. Here, 

Sharmila Chand gives us useful tips to convert it into  a fabulous and welcoming space.

There is nothing like having a cup of tea early morning sitting in your own terrace. Who would not like to have some fresh air after a strenuous day at work? Enjoying the terrace in the evening is certainly revitalising for the spirits. Even if you have a garden, at times you may feel lazy to go down and enjoy the fresh breeze. It is indeed your own haven away from the rest of the world. 

Let us look at some easy ways to make the terrace both comfortable as well as functional.
 Spruce it up : A terrace in your home or apartment should not be ignored. Consider the terrace as an extension of your living space. Give this space the same attention as you would to other places in your home. 

No matter what the size of the space is, you can create a visual retreat for yourself to enjoy and relax. So the first step should be to clean your terrace of any debris and junk materials and give yourself a clean platform to build and decorate.

Get it painted : Outdoor areas get spoilt faster so after cleaning, give a fresh coat of paint to the area, including any railings or fencing around your terrace. 

Gain a perspective : Consider the view. If your balcony overlooks a parking lot or a building which is not very pleasant to look at, you can place a row of big plants like bamboo to shield it. If you have a good view like of a park, you can place small pots along the sides to maintain the scenic beauty.

Right furniture : Terrace gardens should have a comfortable seating area so you can enjoy the environment. A small, bistro-style table or comfortable futon seating compliment your plantings. 

Look for a few pieces of light and comfortable outdoor furniture that is sized appropriately for the space. It should be long lasting and stylish. You can also add some drama to the area by bringing in a theme. 

Right pots & plants : The plants function as a backdrop for your terrace garden, much like a painted wall forms the base for decorating a room.

Vary the heights of your plants as well as the colour. Unify the design by using a few similar plants as anchors. Choose a colour scheme and stick with it throughout your terrace garden. Add extra oomph to the plantings by choosing plants with textured and variegated leaves.

Climbers like morning glories and  sweet peas are good options. Climbing plants are suitable for all situations in the garden, shaded or sunny, damp or dry, evergreen or flowering. 

Many plants can be grown in containers and some can even be grown as ground cover plants. Most of them are shrubs or perennials. Bonsai is a great way to decorate your terrace with. You can plant mulberry, pomegranates and oranges as bonsai. They are all readily available in the nurseries.

Add a water body : Place a water feature in your balcony or terrace to add the final touch. It could be a nice bubbling fountain or a gold fish bowl on a table that will bring your outdoor space to life.

Express your personality : Your terrace provides an opportunity for expressing your personality. Your choice of plants, containers and accessories will reflect your taste and hence your own space. 

So build up a theme and play around by enhancing it. Do up the terrace walls by putting masks or pictures you may have collected during your travel trips.Place your choice of soft cushions, accent tables, birdhouses, wind chimes, decorative benches, sundials, etc.

Vegetable garden : If you have adequate space, you can opt for vegetable gardening on your terrace. Vegetable plants require good drainage and airflow to thrive and mature. So ensure that your space has easy access for watering, weeding and harvesting.

Lighting is crucial : Terrace lighting is very important and can have a big impact on the whole decor. Lights acts as an essential part when it comes to your terrace garden decor.

Lighting should be subtle yet strong enough to provide light for functional use. It should not hit the eye, rather just help in highlighting what we want.One subtle option of illuminating the outdoor spaces are LED lights. For some extra light, you can add a few floor lamps.

You can even select some beautiful terracotta lamps or some antique lamps such as pole lamps, rustic hanging lamps and statue lamps. 

You can brighten up the atmosphere when you are partying with defused shower of light falling from such lovely lamps.

A clean space : It is good to have a trash can on the terrace so that the waste can be disposed easily. 

It is important that the terrace smells good. Terrace is an open space and therefore it is exposed to external smells.
 A good way to keep outside smells away is to use natural flowers for decoration of terrace. Perfumed sprays can also be used on terrace for having an aromatic ambience.

Or place aromatic candles in the night, they will not only set the mood right but also render the area soothing.

In every corner, place some natural mosquito repellants like essential oils and incense sticks to protect yourself.