Land issues dominate grievance meet in Udupi

Land issues dominate grievance meet in Udupi

Upa-Lokayukta Subhash D Adi has said that he had received close to 100 grievances from the district and attempts will be made to ensure justice to the complainants.

Speaking to media persons, the Upa-Lokayukta said that most of the grivances are involving land measurements, constructions, unauthorised and illegal encroachments.

Some of the complaints are related to the issues concerning Panchayath bodies.

He said notices were served on 243 complainants of which 227 notices were attended.

“Most of the grievances we heard were related to the complaintants only. Out of 100, we have addressed the grievances of the complainants except a few.”

Land row

He said with respect to Udupi and Manipal city, there is a bylaw from the Development Authority Zonal Regulation, which has given additional floor area ratio of 1.5, subject to transfer of land by the owner free of cost.

Before taking the land, the plans are sanctioned with additional floor ratio without ensuring the surrender of the owners.

However, what was noticed, was before taking the land, the lands are sanctioned without ensuring the surrender of the land from the owner.

The DC has been directed to take action wherever additional floor area ratio is given, they should ensure the surrender of the land as per the bylaw, he said.

Directions are issued to remove the hoardings though the complaint pertaining to this was not registered.

“The authorities have given the assurance. We will take action, if there is violation under the provision of contempt of proceedings,” Upa-Lokayukta stressed.

The grievances of common man, should be redressed at their door step without making them to go to Bangalore and wait for their compliant to be registered, he said.

Last year in state, the pendancy was more than 15,000 cases in Lokayukta, however, after taking over the charge, the pendancy was brought down to 5,000. As many as 11,000 cases are disposed off.

“By going to district headquarters and sub-division, we are disposing of the complaints then and there only, including the fresh complaints, unless they inquire inquiry and investigation,” he added.

Suo-motu inquiry

Upa-Lokayukta Subhash D Adi stressed that a genuine grievance, even written in the form of a simple letter will also be attended.

 “We take up investigation and resolve the problem. Most of the people do not come forward to register the complaint, fearing that the accused may take action against them. Even if they write a letter, that is enough to treat it as complaint as suo-motu inquiry will be held by summoning the officers.”

Hearing in Puttur, M’lore

The Upa-Lokayukta added that 31 new complaints were received from all the three taluks in the district. Some were related to Kumki land disputes.

The other case was concerned to pollution which includes the poultry farm and remaining were related to mining. On June 6, the Upa-Lokayukta hearing will be held in Puttur and in Mangalore it will be held on June 7.

Action will be also taken based on media reports, he added.

Earlier speaking at the proceedings, the Upa-Lokayukta said the public who have grievances against public officials can register their complaints, for which the Lokyaukta will have early redressal.

He  directed the AEE of Udupi ZP to find a permanent solution to the problem of storm water drain that has created headache to the complainant Asha Naik in Chara village of Karkala. The Lokayukta orderd for the work to get over by two months.

In the case of Sridhar Shetty in Shivapura Gram Panchayat, the Lokayukta directed the Shivapura PDO to charge the applicant of RTI as per the rules.

He said whoever applies for the information under RTI Act, he or she should be provided with information within the prescribed time.

Besides, he directed the RFO in Hebri in Karkala to look into the afforestation works and said that the silting works in Madamakki river should be completed.

He was responding to a complaint by Narayan Naik.

He said the RFO should assure that forestation will be done in proper manner.

In another case of public road encroachments in Hirgana, the Upa Lokayukta said that the existing road should be protected.

If it is a private property, proper compensation should be given to the owner.

Whereas, if it is a public property, the encroachment should be stopped.

The Upa-Lokayukta said he will hold ZP CEO as responsible for the work delayed if the case is not solved in another two months.