Gali Anjaneya temple gets sewage-control gates

Gali Anjaneya temple gets sewage-control gates

Gali Anjaneya temple gets sewage-control gates

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has installed flood-control gates in the ancient Gali Anjaneyaswamy temple on Mysore Road, which during heavy rains, gets flooded with sewage water from the Storm Water Drain (SWD) running beside it.

The BBMP has completed a project to prevent water from entering the sanctum sanctorum.

“The water used to enter the temple through a pipe constructed to route the water that is used to bathe the deity. Now, the BBMP has come to our rescue, it has constructed a flood prevention gate fitted with valves,” said Manoj, one of the priests.

Now, when the water level rises in the river, the temple authorities can prevent the water from gushing in by turning off the valve.

The polluted SWD is actually the Vrishabavathi river and the temple is constructed on its bank.

“The problem was so bad that even the pooja items and utensils used for rituals would float and the place would stink,” said Manoj.

“Luckily, we have the practise of disconnecting the electricity supply after the day's pooja. If not, there would have been cases of electrocution,” he added.

The problem began with the construction of a flyover over the SWD connecting Deepanjalinagar and Mysore Road. The road was completed in 2013.

It was aimed at easing the traffic congestion at the West of Chord Road and Mysore Road junction.

The flyover, which is at a height of 30-35 feet at the Chord Road, descends into the temple road by the SWD.

This resulted in flooding of the temple and is also responsible for the accumulation of silt along the temple.

The BBMP is also preparing to de-silt the SWD and according to the BBMP authorities, the work will begin shortly.

“We have awarded tenders and probably in another week’s time, the de-silting will begin,” said a top official from the BBMP.

The temple is believed to be over 1000 years old.