Visual delight 

»Kapoor Lighting 2014 summer collection is truly a  collector’s item; you could easily treat them as art objects.

The collection is quite a visual delight with new style shades that can change the look of your space. 

A good design and the matching colour of a lamp always play an important part in enhancing the look of any room. Choose from the new collection, induced with nature’s essence. Stunning branch lamps are a feast for the eyes of nature lovers.

The table lamp, for instance, cast in resin with high-gloss mint green finish, will brighten up your home, office or wherever you choose to adorn it. The lamp is complemented by a metallic/fabric shade as per the customer’s requirement.

Get floored!

»Pergo unveils its latest vinyl flooring collection. Having launched vinyl planks and tiles, the company is moving ahead to get floored in wet areas as well. There are fourteen different designs in two quality levels - optimum and premium – to choose from. The products in optimum range belong to Class-33 with glue down laying system, which is preferred for commercial areas. 
Class-32 premium range products have PerfectFold TM 3.0 installation system, made for residential use. 

It is easy to install, and the PUR (Polyurethane) coating over the top surface makes the flooring so tough that it can withstand years of use and still look beautiful. The crystal clear vinyl décor layer and bevels made possible by patented technology provide the floor a distinctly authentic feeling. Being waterproof, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

It is strikingly attractive flooring from a design point of view and a residential warranty on “the product against surface wear” speaks for itself when it comes to quality and durability of the collection.

Elegant touch

»The Great Eastern Home presents its exclusive range of cabinets and wardrobes. This range consists of classical European hunting cabinet, classical Italian cabinet, Burmese colonial and classical Chinese options.
 These stylish wardrobes and cabinets have been crafted to perfection, not only to enhance the elegance of your home, but also to add opulence and sophistication to the room in which it’s placed.

The highlights of these unique designs are the exquisite carvings that have been done on them. 

Made with the highest quality Burma teak wood, this range is an amalgamation of inspirational ideas, innovative design and expert execution.

Understanding the intricacies of fine furniture and interiors is Anurag Kanoria, owner of The Great Eastern Home. 

An intuitive sense of style built through generations of art collecting, along with his knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail in planning and implementation, has led him to create masterpieces, which never go out of style.