It's raining fashion

It's raining fashion

The most important things to remember, while shopping for your monsoon wardrobe, are comfort and functionality. Nivedita Saboo shows you how to swagger in style and carefree abandon, when the heavens pour incessantly.

With monsoon around the corner, gear up for the downpur and invest in trendy monsoon staples to help you befriend the rains in style. ‘Protection’ is the key word when it comes to buying clothes, accessories, shoes and make-up, for rainy days. Care has to be taken while selecting the fabrics, the quality of the products and ensuring our comfort, above all. 

Carry an umbrella

The most quintessential requirement of any wardrobe, for the rainy season, is an umbrella. Get a brolly that matches your personality. From the serious and majestic ebony to the fun florals, unusual heart-shaped ones, or the multi-functional walking-stick-cum-umbrellas, there’s something out there for everyone to keep safe from the lashing rains. Flashy neon-coloured umbrellas make for a great bold statement. So, if you like to keep your dressing toned-down, a striking yellow or hot pink umbrella might be right up your alley.

Boots and ballerinas

Footwear is another essential aspect that you need to be wary about. For casual everyday wear, nothing beats non-slippery, colourful flip-flops, but the new trend alert for this monsoon is the ‘wellington boots’. With a firm grip and a rubber out-sole, they are a must-have pair to put an end to your rainy day blues. The higher up your legs the boots, the better it is.

Colourful PVC ballerinas are another hot favourite for this season. Available in fresh colours, these girly, practical and comfortable pairs are suitable even for a day at work.

Throw on a trench coat

Invest in vibrant printed trench coats and pair them with skirts, short dresses, trousers or even shorts. Bright colours are big this monsoon. Set against a glum backdrop, they bring out the sunny side that most people yearn for in the rains. Earthy palettes are also quite popular because of the warmth they exude. From plum wine to fiery orange and rust, the deeper tones ease you into a monsoon way of life and make you look stunning. 

Jumpsuits and rompers

Go in for narrow-legged jumpsuits or better still, rompers. Available in candy colours, these can be paired with a funky shrug or a cardigan to keep you looking smashing throughout the season. Also big are shorts in various styles. Wear them with a simple tee. These versatile bottoms are an item you’re going to be using for the most part of the monsoon, thanks to the muddy slushes the season brings along with it. 

Short dresses

Keep your dresses short. Pack away the pastels and the linens, and add light fabrics to your collection. Naturally sheer fabrics like organza and tissue are hot this season. Translucent panels placed well add oomph to your monsoon specials. Stay clear of whites and its tonal counterparts. Getting mucky is an epidemic in the rains and therefore, light colours are best avoided; stick to darker colours. Keep away from heavier fabrics, too, as they have a tendency to remain damp.

Accessories and cosmetics

n Beautiful see-through waterproof totes will keep you looking chic, even while keeping your belongings safe. Co-ordinate them with your ballerinas and look your vintage best. 

n Waterproof, colourful big watches are back with a bang. Neon coloured ones do the trick if worn with the right outfits. 

n Add fun to your make-up kit by going for neon-coloured nail paint too. Adding these quirky colours judiciously to your ensemble will bring the much-needed respite from the gloomy days. 

n Wear statement necklaces to add to your personal style file. Easy to carry, these add the fuss-free dressed-up look to any ensemble. 

n With humidity at its worst during monsoons, you would do good to tame your mane with the accessories of the season - bejewelled headbands. Else, simply knot your hair in a bun or braid it. For men, sporty caps are in vogue.
The most important things to remember, while shopping for your monsoon wardrobe, are comfort and functionality. With the above list of this season’s must-haves, you’re sure to swagger in style and carefree abandon, when the heavens pour incessantly.
(The writer is a fashion designer)