Inebriated man takes BMTC bus for a 'ride'

Inebriated man takes BMTC bus for a 'ride'

Authorities express their inability as old buses lack GPS and ignition keys

Inebriated man takes BMTC bus for a 'ride'

But late Saturday night, drunken driving was redefined by an unidentified bus commuter when he drove home a BMTC bus he found parked near Domlur.  The bus was found on Sunday morning in Ramamurthy Nagar near the police station.

The incident reportedly occurred after the driver and conductor of route number ‘201’ parked the bus near the Domlur bus depot after their last trip and headed for dinner. The driver of the bus, Gangadhar, claimed that a commuter, who was reportedly drunk, inquired if the bus was headed for Indiranagar.

Gangadhar replied in the negative and along with the conductor, Ashok, ambled across for dinner by a roadside kiosk. Finding the wheel unmanned, the commuter revved up the engine, switched gears, and casually drove away. By the time Gangadhar and Ashok crossed the road, they heard the bus engine come alive. The two reportedly gave a brief chase but lost sight of the bus after it drove off from a junction.

The Ulsoor police, who were informed about the incident by Gangadhar, launched a search but were unable to find the bus till Sunday morning. BMTC said that soon after the incident the driver informed the control room and the Sarathy mobile squad to trace the bus.

The bus, which was found abandoned near Ramamurthy Nagar police station, was spotted by a BMTC driver who was heading towards a bus depot. The driver informed BMTC officials who suspected a foul play. No case has been registered yet.  “We are trying to find out the culprit,” police said.

BMTC authorities said some of the older buses do not have GPS and ignition keys. The officials claimed that buses with a pull switch were easy prey. BMTC officials said it was the second to have occurred in the past three years. Drivers plying buses on night rounds usually park the vehicles at the last station or depot and take the ignition keys along with them, officials added.