Sea of patients awaits 'fish medicine' today

Sea of patients awaits 'fish medicine' today

Sea of patients awaits 'fish medicine' today

With the sponsorship of the Telangana government, the Bathini Goud family’s famous fish medicine, which is said to cure Asthma, will be distributed for free starting 5:30 pm on Sunday for a continuous 24 hours in the exhibition grounds at Nampally here.

Despite last year’s Andhra Pradesh Lokayukta direction that asked the state government not to extend any of its support, the Telangana government is taking every effort to make the programme a success.

Telangana state Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma already reviewed the arrangements at the exhibition grounds and directed various departments to ensure the safe and hassle-free distribution of the medicine.

From across India as well as neighbouring countries, people are expected to come to the programme in thousands to collect the famed “fish medicine”. 

While the Fisheries department has kept thousands of live murrel fish for sale at its counters on the exhibition grounds, the APSRTC will be running special buses to take people from the Imliban and Jubilee bus stands and Secunderabad and Hyderabad railway stations to the venue. 

Considering the severe heat conditions, the water works department is providing free drinking water around the grounds. 

Several social organisations – such as the Agarwal Samaja and Haryana Nagarik Samaj – will be supplying free food for the patients’ from Saturday night onwards.

Medicine protocol

Patients, too, have to make preparations for the medicines’ administration, which involves the swallowing of a live murrel fish. They are asked not to eat anything three hours prior to and one-and-a-half hours after its administration. 

Vegetarians are asked to take the medicine along with jaggery, but need to have it for a long period of time for results, the Bathini brothers’ said. This “prasadam” is distributed on “Mrigisira Karthi”, which marks the onset of the monsoon. 

For follow-up treatment, another medicine must be taken thrice in a period of 45 days and patients are supposed to follow a strict diet as prescribed by the Bathini brothers. This medicine, which is given at the venue after the fish “prasadam” is taken, should be administered on the days of Arudra, Punarvasu and Pushyami. 

“However one must strictly avoid the 24 items that we suggest and adhere to the prescribed diet. Otherwise the fish medicine will not give the desired results,” Harinath Goud, the elder of the brothers, said.