Wedding occasion turns tragic in Mandya

Wedding occasion turns tragic in Mandya

Wedding occasion turns tragic in Mandya

A happy occasion of a marriage turned tragic as four people were killed on the spot and several others sustained serious injuries in a road mishap, near Thattahalli in the taluk, on Sunday.

The deceased are Meghana (16), Shivalinga (45), Ugregowda (60) and Prasanna (14) while Naveen, Javaraiah, Javaregowda and Lakshmamma are being treated at AC Giri Hospital, in B G Nagar, in the taluk.

According to eye witnesses, the negligence of the lorry driver is said to be the reason behind the mishap. It is said that a section of the people, relatives of the bridegroom were returning to Kajjkalanakoppalu, when a lorry hit their canter.

The intensity of the incident was such that the severed parts of the body were found scattered on the scene of the accident. Blood was splattered across the road and a part of the head and brain was seen stuck to the wheels of the lorry. Meghana and Prasanna, the deceased, were literally torn beyond recognition.

A hand of a woman was found metres away from the spot, and a palm and fingers found at a distance.

Relatives and friends were inconsolable, upon seeing the bodies. Some were aghast and kept a distance from the scene. Mayanna, an eye witnesses, said, the lorry driver had lost control over the wheels near the curve, resulting in the mishap. He was sitting near the driver in the canter and had even alerted the driver when the lorry hit the vehicle.

The driver tried his best to prevent the collision, but the lorry hit it badly.


Ironically, the two ambulances at the Taluk Hospital were engaged with other patients and even the 108 ambulance was busy. So, ambulances were not available at the crucial hour, it is said.

Doctors flayed

When the victims were shifted to the hospital, it is alleged that the doctors failed to attend to them properly. It is said that only one doctor was available. As many were injured, their relatives raised a hue and cry over the inadequacies.

Demand for good roads

The public, who were witnesses to the intensity of the accident, demanded good roads and urged the authorities to identify accident zones and take up works to rectify them.

Rural police have taken lorry driver Thammanna into custody.