India's proposal for technology centres accepted: Ramesh

"It is my understanding that the Delhi Declaration on technology development has been very substantially accepted and will form the basis of the Copenhagen agreement when it is finally released," the minister said here on the sidelines of the 12-day climate summit here.

The climate innovation centres are aimed at identifying and developing local technology requirements and also for facilitating dissemination of current technologies.
"The concept of network of climate energy innovation centers is very much part of the international agenda. I don't know how it will get reflected finally," he said.

When asked whether there was any "friction" with the US over implementation of the proposal, especially on sharing of intellectual property rights, Ramesh said, "No friction... there are well known positions on IPR but I think it's important to get it off the ground."

However, he admitted there were "differences in IPR but I'm glad that our Delhi conference has been very substantial and forms the basis for any agreement that may be arrived at as far as technology is concerned".

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