Being a lotus in murky water

Being a lotus in murky water

The present times we are living in is supposedly the Kaliyug, according to the Vedic scriptures.

 It seems, these are the times wherein human vices reign supreme, scoring over the human virtues. Hence, even when one tends to be good to others around, by indulging in selfless gestures, seldom would people acknowledge it, leave alone reciprocating. 

In such a scenario, being good to those who are vicious and nefarious-minded, indeed calls for a superlatively divine persona. For, our overall behaviour towards folks around is strongly dictated by their actions and behaviour. In other words, the way we act depends upon the manner in which people around act. That is why when we commit wrongs, we try justifying it, saying our wrong act is just an offshoot of others’ wrong act!

For instance, consider these refrains that we hear every day, at every place. “He is such a self-centered being. Naturally, he can’t expect me to be too altruistic with him.” “She is such a hardcore skinflint who is loathe to spending even a penny on others. Why then should I be openhanded with her?” “He is so callous and rustic in his manners. I can’t be expected to act polite and polished with him.” “She is so insincere and slapdash in her working. Why should I work punctiliously with pinpoint precision?”“When she is so vindictive in her attitude, how can I be so magnanimous and forgiving?” “When he is so short-fused, flaring up at the drop of a pin, he can’t expect me to be charitable with him.” “When everyone is offering kickbacks to circumvent circuitous legal procedures in corruption-fraught offices, you can’t expect me to adopt utopian ideals of treading the Gandhian path.” Indeed, it’s a monumental task to remain good, adhering to lofty principles, by being impervious to unedifying influences. Yes, it does need great persona to remain a good self, despite a salvo of strong negative impacts from all quarters. Apparently, the ones being successful in retaining goodness, no matter what, are those beings with stunningly good nature and singularly sterling qualities.

These humans are indeed like the lotus flower, which looks so magnificent, although being grown amidst murky water with poisonous weeds. Despite the contaminated water all around, the lotus still manages to retain its flawless ethereal beauty and charm. In the same way, these divine-hearted humans retain their scintillating qualities, regardless of the ambience that they live/work in.

Interestingly, if we too are able to develop this lotus-like persona, we’d not only be radiating loads of joy/peace around us, but even within ourselves. Since, our negative thoughts can act as a breeding ground for mental ailments, just as the lotus-encircling polluted water, which is the hotbed for deadly bacteria and germs. This apart, we should note that ultimately, it’s the lotus that finds access to adorn the feet of Lord, while the slushy water around it remains ever stinky n’ stagnant, spreading only stench around!