Following the fast and furious!

Following the fast and furious!

Following the fast and furious!

The City has its own share of supercars and one doesn’t have to look at wallpapers or videos and wonder how they look in reality or how fast they can go.

But somehow in Bangalore, the issue seems to be that the traffic and roads are not meant for such stealth.

Kaushik Ganesh, who owns a Jaguar F-Type says, “Sunday is the only time when we can get these cars out onto the roads. Since the traffic remains light, we can easily manoeuvre on roads that don’t have potholes and humps.”

He adds that Karnataka is the only State that doesn’t stick to using plastic while making humps which affects the cars because they have low-level clearance.

Supercars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Porche zip through some of our streets flaunting their unique style and speed.

But whether our roads can handle these speedsters is the troubling question.

Siddhant Saraf, who owns a Porsche Carrera S, says, “They must use better tar that will make the roads worth the driving experience. There are humps on our roads that look like mountains.”

The supercars have a low-level clearance and aren’t made for Indian roads.

They are not tried and tested in our road conditions.

So the chances of taking a hit is 90 per cent.

The owners claim they change one or the other part every month and it’s not easy to get the parts in the City. Most often, they have parts such as an F-1 exhaust that are illegal in Indian cities especially in ones like Bangalore, where there aren’t facilities to accommodate these cars.

Kaushik says, “We pay about 180 per cent of the price as duty fees to get the cars to the town. Unfortunately, we have no clue what happens to this huge sum of money that go as road tax because our roads tell a different story”.

That apart, there are those who just enjoy looking at these cars and capturing them on camera.

“It’s always been my passion to photograph the super cars and when the City itself has such beauties, why travel elsewhere? The only issue is that Bangalore is really not safe for supercars because they have the most powerful breaks and Indian vehicles don’t, which make them ram into the supercars,” says Calvin Jerusha, a student.

On the other hand, these cars might look beautiful and marvellous but can unnerve anyone, especially if they zip past in close quarters.

According to B Dayananda, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic),“There is no special rule just because they are supercars and are imported; they still have to follow
the rules and regulations that are set by the State.

Violations will only cause trouble and no influence will get them through such a case.”

Siddhant adds, “There is no rule on what type of exhaust one should have on their supercar. F1 exhaust is okay but it is illegal.

These cars are meant for speed thrills but one should really not use them to disturb others around you.”