'I'll never forget that I'm a farmer's son'

'I'll never forget that I'm a farmer's son'

'I'll never forget that I'm a farmer's son'

It’s not everyday that one hears of a B-Town star who hails from a farming community. Arfi Lamba is one such actor who is making his debut in Bollywood with ‘Fugly’. 

He is excited about his performance and hopes that the audience appreciates it.

When Metrolife caught up with Arfi for a chat, he seemed more than pleased to share his experiences about shooting the movie.

“People have always had this notion that actors are born in Bollywood. Like it’s a different planet. I moved to Mumbai without a single contact. So I have come a long way,” says the young actor, who comes from a farming community near the India-Pakistan border. 

He stars in the movie along with three other newcomers. On being asked which was the most embarrassing moment on sets, he says, “We were filming in Ladakh. I didn’t know how to drive and my director assumed that I did. So they had to use a stunt double and it wasn’t pleasant not knowing how to drive.”

He reveals that there were times when he tried to act like his fellow crew members only to realise that he comes from a different background.

“I will never forget that I’m a farmer’s son,” he adds. 

So what was it like to be on sets? “Kabir (Sadanand) sir was a task master and always got what he wanted. He is a great actor and made sure that the shots were done in the right way.We would observe the way he yelled at us and mimic him in our free time. But someone took a video of it one day and gave it to him. The next day, all we heard from him was ‘learn to act first before enacting others!’,” he answers.

On a more serious note, he is keen that the movie has a great impact.

“The characters that we play in the movie end up making silly mistakes. We wish that the young people watching the movie don’t make these mistakes and are responsible,” he notes.

‘Fugly’ promises to offer a new message to the youth of the nation.

“It is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s quote ‘Be the change you wish to see’. So we wish that the youngsters and audience take responsibility for whatever they do. Our system needs to change and in certain fields like sports and films, we don’t need ministers. It’s better to let people from the industry or bureaucrats handle them,” he says.

Looks like the young actor not only wishes to make it big in Bollywood but also teach a thing or two to the audience.