FYUP mess has students confused

FYUP mess has students confused

With hectic deliberations going on between the Delhi University authorities, teachers and Ministry of Human Resource Development on the fate of the Four-Year Undergraduate Programme, students and applicants are confused on what to expect.

Those who have just completed their first yearunder FYUP are unsure how their courses will pan out if the varsity goes back to the three-year format.

A lot of applicants, on the other hand, are praying that FYUP is shelved so that they can save on a year.

Most DU aspirants, though, are just scrambling mad for a seat leaving the fate of their course and degree to higher authorities.

Manasvi Gulati, a student of English, says, “The first year was wasted in studying just Foundation Courses. A section of teachers may be rightly demanding rollback of the four year programme, but then how will we complete our course in the remaining two years? Or will we be the only batch to study FYUP while the one after us returns to thethree-year format?

It’s a strange situation wherewe don’t even know how many years we will be
graduating in.”

Physics student Ravi Purohit is worried that his course, which was made equivalent to BTech offered by IITs and most private varsities by stretching to four years, will now be reduced to a BSc again.

“In some way, FYUP did benefit the science students who can now claim to be an equal footing with IITians,” he says in retrospect, “I only hope and pray that they come out with a decision soon so that we know where we stand now.”

Another student, Gunjan Malhotra is apprehensive about the fate of Discipline II courses.

“We were told at the time of admission that we can pursue two subjects – a major and minor – which was also presented as the USP of the four year programme. Now, we are being told that the college will decide our Discipline II on the basis of our marks in the foundation courses, and also depending on teachers’ availability. I don’t know whether I’ll get the Discipline II of my choice.”

Parul Tejas, who has just filled in her admission form in DU, however, is only fervently hoping that she gets a seat, “Four year or three year is a secondary consideration. I only want a seat as of now. I can’t afford private varsities which charge fee in lakhs.”