Take your pick these hols: Work or play?

Take your pick these hols: Work or play?

Questions about their prospective careers, packages, standing in the society et al., play on young undergraduates’ minds as they stand on the threshold of their professional life.

So, it’s obvious to find them looking for internships to hone their skills before they set their first foot in the big bad world.

The idea of a languorous summer vacation seems to be passé for the young ones who are technically on a summer break from their colleges.

As the hustle and bustle of college life takes a backseat, the ever enterprising students of this generation start preparing cover letters, resumes and send them off to startups and established companies to find a job even before their summer break sets in.

A third year Journalism student from Kamala Nehru College, Sahiba Khan, is busy balancing her two content writing internships in these vacations.

“A well known name in your resume definitely finds acknowledgement when you apply for a real job. But I had already worked in a print media house earlier, so this time around, I thought of working with startups to try out things that interest me personally. In fact, I can continue handling these assignments even after my classes resume.”

Abhishek Das, a political science student says, “The college placement cells usually have nothing to do with providing internships, especially in the case of arts students. So, students take to networks like letsintern.com to find work on their own.”

Some students take an extra leap when it comes to their internships, as Tulika Nandi, a second year History student, says, “I have worked in the NGO sector after Class 12.

So, I want to take it up from where I left. I would be extending my vacations for
another month, maybe till August, if I am offered a job instead of an internship at the place I am negotiating at.”

Concurring with that, Sahiba also describes how her internship experiences taught her how to negotiate for job and salary.

“Till now, none of my internships ever paid me. The employers have to understand that it is utter exploitation to make us work around the clock and not even pay our food and travel costs. Then, there are these outstation students who have to miss out on being at home and also end up putting extra money for the sake of these internships,” rues Sahiba, adding, “This time around, before I took up any assignments, I was forthright with my employers that there’s no way I would intern unless I am paid for travel, at the least.”

“And the value of a weekend party just rises when I have worked throughout the week,” says a content Sahiba.

Aantika Tandon, a management student at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Management Studies, who is also handling an internship alongside her college project with the NGO Enactus, revels in putting her time to best use.

She says, “Besides working, I also get to invest more time in the Gramodhar project where we counsel school-going students in the Ghamroj village at Sona Road. It is a fulfilling exercise for us to share our knowledge with these children.”

Following a different line of thought, Bhoomi Badoni, a first year English Honours student, has left for Bahrain to enjoy her summer vacations with her family.

Ask her why, and this FYUP student says, “There are three more years that I have to intern in Delhi. Internships can wait, till then!”