They dress to impress!

They dress to impress!

Style statement

They dress to impress!

Whether one is wearing a salwar kameez or a plain white top and jeans, a scarf never fails to act as an accessory for college students. But more than that; it is a style statement.  

Irrespective of one’s age, this simple yet stylish ‘piece of cloth’ finds a place in almost every girl’s wardrobe. 

Many designers have incorporated scarves as a part of their clothing line and their runway shows. In ‘Devil Wears Prada’, Anne Hathaway’s character is sent to buy Hermes scarves for her boss, played by Meryl Streep. 

“In the fashion arena, scarves have a long life and people are wooed by these,” says Neelima, a student.

Scarves spell out the personality of person. A lot must go into picking one. “They are one of the best accessories. They complement clothes very well and makes a girl look more feminine. We can wear them in different styles,” says Urvashi, a student of Mount Carmel College.

It’s because they allow for so much improvisation that they are so popular. Usually, college girls prefer buying scarves from Commercial Street and Brigade Road. The popular scarves are those that are not heavy but are colourful and can be worn at any time. Pashmina scarves are also highly in demand.

They are more authentic and one can find them either in plain and simple colours or in multi-colours along with patterns. “I love these types of scarves – they keep me warm when it’s cold and don’t make me sweat when it’s hot. They are colourful and can be worn on any occassion,” says Aaliya, another student.

 Be it to college or for a wedding reception, these Kashmiri scarves are perfect. Although scarves largely adorn the necks of women, it is equally fashionable for men to wear them. “I think scarves for guys are pretty cool. For some reason, guys wearing scarves reminds me of cowboys,” says Michelle Sonali.

Cosy woollen-knit scarves in winter or a silk scarf for the summer help accentuate the outfit and the person wearing it. Arpita, a student of Mount Carmel College, says, “This simple looking piece of cloth can do wonders with your dress and look.” Scarves add class to your look no matter what occasion it is.

 They are great for formal events where you want to look good and different. Scarves are great accessories because they accentuate your face and draw attention to your smile and your eyes like a picture frame they frame your face and make you stand out. “They are stylish yet comfortable, especially in Bangalore since the weather is always good,” says Vaidehe Joshi,a student.