Endearing images of a gypsy way of life

Endearing images of a gypsy way of life

Painting competition

A sense of merriment runs across the frames as if ‘gaiety’ was the theme for these paintings.

The imaginary landscapes from Hungary are filled with gypsies, musical instruments and a feeling of celebration. The exhibition titled ‘Gypsies in Hungary’ features award-winning paintings from the on-the-spot children’s painting competition hosted by the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre (HICC). 

Cooking under the open sky, and belting out music through guitars and pianos were some of the motifs attached to gypsies from Hungary in the paintings drawn by the students. 

So, how did they interpret the life of a gypsy on their canvas? Khushi Khedia, a fifth standard student from the Indian School, says, “When we went to HICC, they showed us a presentation explaining the lifestyle of gypsies who live in Hungary. One thing that I liked a lot was that these people loved to play music and dance.” Khushi bagged third prize for her painting. 

As they hit the sprawling lawns of the centre after their first lesson on the lives and times of gypsies, the children embarked upon an imaginative journey to bring alive the image in their mind on a canvas. Speaking about her experience the little cherub, Khushi, says, “I drew a painting picturing a party where a group of musicians played music and performers danced alongside, for the competition. After coming back, I was curious to read up on internet about the heritage and culture of gypsies in Hungary.” In a way, the experience sowed a seed of curiosity amongst the participating children.

The other paintings that caught our attention were: An abstract, blurred up image of a gypsy against the Hungarian flag by Anusha Anil from Bluebells International; a scene under a lit up archway where musical notes fly by, painted by Gurmehak Kaur from Mount Carmel School; and a portrait of a woman with golden beaded plaits by Jacinth Kaur. All these students won the Director’s Special Award.

The theme of the competition was inspired by a recently held photography exhibition ‘Gypsies In Transylvania’ by Bela Kasa, a photographer who has documented the gypsy community in Hungary, Transylvania and the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. The photographer has extensively documented and popularised the folk culture of the community, especially their music.

This exhibition will be on till August 29, 2014.