Polish films scorch city screens

Polish films scorch city screens

Film festival

As a treat to film lovers in the City, ‘Ways to Freedom Film Festival’ brought together feature and documentary films by some of the Poland’s renowned filmmakers to Indian screens.

The three-day festival at India Habitat Centre ended on June 9. On day one, a Polish documentary film, Z Punktu Widzenia Nocnego Portiera (From A Night Porter’s Point Of View) by director Krzysztof Kieślowski was screened. The film is about the everyday life and work of a night watchman whose only wish is to bring perfect order to the world. 

The other film shown on the same day was Dreszcze (Shivers). The feature film by director Wojciech Marczewski is an autobiographic tale of false initiation and the power of ideology. Winner of the Silver Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival, the movie is one of the most important and interesting takes on the Stalinist period till date. 

On June 9, the festival presented Przypadek (Blind Chance) by director Krzysztof Kieślowski. The film is about the debate against the division of blacks and whites. The film has some great performances, especially by Bogusław Linda. On June 10, Moje Zapiski Z Podziemia (My Notes From The Underground), a documentary by director Jacek Petrycki was presented to the film lovers. It is a short documentary about the trade unions and how they hide from the authorities.

 The film had interviews of the heroes, speaking about their lives in hiding and waiting for better days to come. 

The last film shown was Szczurołap (The Rat-Catcher), a documentary by director Andrzej Czarnecki. The film is about a man who exterminates rats. In the film the hero reveals the secrets of his careful preparations for the fight against his opponent. The film symbolically reflects the relations between the citizens and authority.