Dino Morea plans to tie the knot

Dino Morea plans to tie the knot

Dino Morea plans to tie the knot

"This time whoever it is, it will be for keeps. I do look for someone to share my life with now," Dino, who turned 34 Dec 9, said.

"We've had our share of ups and downs. But we've always been close, no matter what has happened in our lives. As for the other women, they've their own conscience to deal with," he added.

Dino's parents flew in to Mumbai from Bangalore for his birthday. "It was us three brothers and my parents. Now I need that one special person. That's all one needs to make a complete life, no?"

The entrepreneur side to Dino's personality seems more assertive at the moment than the actor. After opening a bar, the actor-producer is all set to open three more branches here.

“One branch would be in South Mumbai, the other in Lokhandwala-Versova and the third  in or near Malad," said Dino, who also runs a production house called Clockworks.

He opened his first bar in Bandra here.
"I want the bar culture in Mumbai to be quieter and more spacious so that people can just come in for a quiet drink and relax. Bars have become strangely synonymous with noisy smoky  places. I want to change that,” he said.
Dino is also ready to market male designer clothes.

As for movies, Dino would rather wait than do the cameos that have been offered to him lately with the promise of better roles.