Emerging out of dad's shadow steadily

Emerging out of dad's shadow steadily


Emerging out of dad's shadow steadily

He belongs to the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangash and that for this young man is quite a challenge. But all the popularity rests lightly on Amaan Ali Khan, the eldest son of Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan.
“It is a lot of responsibility. There is lot of expectations from people and it is difficult to fulfil all of them. I have to get better with each performance.”
Amaan was always given a choice whether to stray into music or opt for any other profession of his choice.

 Since he was born into a family of musicians and music ran in his blood, it was obvious that Amaan would take after his father. What's it like for this talented musician to play alongside his father? Does he feel overshadowed in a certain sense?
“It is a nice shadow. Every child would love to be masked by such a shadow. One doesn’t really know how long this shadow will stay in one’s life and so as long as my father is there I will enjoy being in his shadow,” he says.

Together the brothers have composed music for a film American Daylight. Composing music for a film must be a totally different ball game?

“Bollywood music is very catchy. It also has traditional tunes with 70 per cent being classical music and 30 per cent musical flirtations,” he says.

Having said this what does he feel about remixes and fusion? “I really have no problem with remixed songs and tunes but I feel that royalty should be given to the person, if alive, or the person’s family because the music belongs to that person or the family.”
Does Amaan play in keeping with audience expectation or does he play his own stuff? "There are only two kinds of music — appealing and unappealing, and the audience have to be open minded towards all kinds of music," he says.  
“Some classical musicians feel that their music is not meant for the masses and is applicable only to a certain section of people. Such misconceptions should be wiped out. I’ll feel happy and satisfied if people clap at the end of my performance,” he added.

He is not always accompanied by his brother so does he miss him?
 “I have done a couple of shows alone but I really miss my father and brother when they are not playing with me,” he signs off.