Trip through an artistic legacy

Trip through an artistic legacy

Amazing Structures

Trip through an artistic legacy

Sculpture of Nandi

Shoppers who visit the mall will get to see some famous monuments which belong to the state like Mysore Palace, Hampi Ratha and Gol Gumbaz within the premises of Garuda Mall till December 20. These life-like sculptures have been erected to expose the rich cultural heritage of the state in front of the urban and foreign crowd.

The sculptures, which have been set up by Arun Sagar, the famous art director, portray the rich artistic legacy of our ancestors. They also provide a first-hand account of rural atmosphere. He has built a special shopping stretch which replicates the atmosphere of rural fair. The whole shop-like structure is embellished with Hase Rangoli which is found on the walls of every village household in Karnataka.

He has also erected a tribal hut using coconut thatches, bamboo and hay. Inside the mall, one can see the picturesque sculpture of Nandi sitting in a mantapa, Gommateshwara of Shravanabelagola and the rich artworks of Belur and Halebeedu.
“I have created these sculptures using fibre and wood. These are not just showpieces, but are created with a purpose. In the process of modernisation, people have forgotten to appreciate art and history. I believe that these monuments will atleast be able to arouse questions in the minds of shoppers, which will compel them to learn more about our history,” says Arun.

In addition to this noble cause, the fest also has an entertainment factor. Many cultural events will entice the audience through out the fest including Yakshagana, percussion and music concerts. Also there will be a lucky draw. Shoppers can win a gold coin everyday and a fortnightly prize of Zen Estilo and a bumper prize of a brand new Maruti SX4.

“Today, I had a different shopping experience looking at these amazing structures. For a moment, I was lost in the glorious past of our cultural history. I purchased many rural items which have unique designs,” said Amrita Hebbar, a shopper at the mall.