Making the best use of college campus life

Making the best use of college campus life

Making the best use of college campus life

Students can be winners and achieve success in life by dedicating themselves to not just academics but also to shaping their personalities, polishing their talents  and honing skills required for both for job opportunities and a well-rounded personality, writes Sahana Prasad.

Many students will be getting ready to step into various undergraduate colleges in a couple of weeks. A broader world, not very alien, as many would have experienced two years of pre- university already, but challenging nevertheless. 

Only a few maybe lucky to get admission into a college of their choice and choosing a course which is to their liking and passion. Others might have had to go along with whatever their scores dictated. Either ways, students can still be winners and achieve success in life by dedicating themselves to not just academics but also to shaping their personalities, polishing their talents and honing skills required not only for job opportunities but also for a rounded character.

Many students switch streams too at this juncture. Though crossing over to many science courses from other streams may not be allowed by most universities, science students have the option to switch to humanities and commerce streams with certain combinations. 

There have been numerous instances of science students changing their course to psychology, sociology etc. and doing very well in those areas. It could also be that, by the time a student completes pre-university course, he/she is mature enough to decide what combination of subjects to study and some of them are lucky to have parents and family members who understand their calling and encourage them to branch out to other areas instead of blindly following the herd. Thus, this point of time becomes very important for students as decisions taken will have a lasting impact on their careers. 

An undergraduate course helps a student to start afresh in academics. The strain of studying many subjects would have gotten over in school and most of them are now used to studying only a few subjects in depth. 

Many universities still follow a triple major system where one is required to study any three subjects. 

This enables students to understand related subjects, inter connect and also chose the one which appeals most to them. It also paves way for further learning after graduation and most important, some useful and innovative research in the future.

 Learning at the undergraduate level is definitely a pathway to secure future , more so because in our country only a small percentage have access to higher education due to various factors like  lack of resources, family responsibilities etc.Students should make the best use of undergraduate education by:
Take keen interest in academics

After a hectic, exam oriented approach at plus two level, here is a chance to understand and appreciate the subjects and topics. Each concept opens up a host of further areas and applications. Apart from the prescribed course books, read extensive material, notes and try to peep into academic journals.
Take additional courses

Online learning, extra courses and additional inputs are some resources at the disposal of students. These will not only enhance your CV but also make you confident to study further and excel in your field.
Discipline and hard work

By now, you would have reached a point where self-study and personal discipline can easily lead you to greater heights. Do not get into the rut of private coaching but make regular and serious study a part of your routine.
Extra and co-curricular activities 

Most colleges and universities have a number of clubs, associations and communities which will help students to network, learn new things and pursue their interests. Take part in activities which will help you to relax , teach you to live in a community as well as get you credits. This includes sports and games too.
Identify your weak point 

Is it shyness you are fighting? Is it stage fear? Are you battling with a complex about you family, finance and other issues? Do not hesitate to seek help, either through teachers, peers or counsellors. This is the time to exorcise any demons in you and take charge of your life.
Do not be too serious

This is a prime time of your life, so plan well to do everything what you like to without getting obsessed with finishing a task on hand. Hang out with friends, party and have fun while keeping yourself grounded all the time.Learn to socialize, enjoy campus life and retain a sense of humour. 
Move towards healthy living

Pay attention to your health by regular exercise, cutting on junk food and more importantly, nurture loyal and healthy friendships.
Volunteer for a cause 

Offer to help a fellow student. Reach out through various wings of the university/ college to lesser privileged. Make social service a zeal and determine to help out to at least one person’s education when you start working. Start groups on yourown with like-minded students.
Develop new interests, hobbies

Having a leisure time activity is a guarantee against boredom, idle mind and cognitive decline in later stages of life.   Respect people and their views

Start charity at home by being considerate to family members, teachers, peers and even the domestics who make your life comfortable by doing menial jobs for you.Make best use of these undergraduate years to mould your life and steer it in the right direction.