Sell treated water, KSPCB chief tells BWSSB

Sell treated water, KSPCB chief tells BWSSB

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) chairperson Vaman Acharya on Wednesday suggested that the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) sell treated and well-processed water to the City’s water-starved regions.

His suggestion came two days after he suggested in a letter to the BWSSB to improve the City lakes by setting up sewage treatment plants and letting the purified water to the lakes. He had even threatened to book the BWSSB officers under the Water Act for letting sewage into the water bodies.

“The future belongs to treated water in the wake of water scarcity. All that is needed is to lay another pipeline for secondary purpose such as car wash, cloth wash and for toilet purposes.”

He explained that the usage of treated water is not something unusual. Already the BWSSB is supplying treated water for secondary purposes to industries near Yelahanka, Devanahalli and in the Airport.

“At some places water is so much refined that it can be potable. I myself drank the tertiary-treated dirty water. It was much better than the water extracted from the ground,” said Acharya.

He asserted that a huge resource is simply going down the drain because it is not treated. “There is a huge business potential available. Only thing is that the BWSSB has to realise it,” said Acharya.

He, however, felt people have to change their mindset for using treated water for consumption.

“People are not psychologically prepared to accept it. Until then, such water can be used for secondary purpose and the BWSSB can do it.”He said that in some countries, tertiary-treated water was bottled and sold like any other mineral water.