'Overlooked' Modi fires salvo at Srinivasan

'Overlooked' Modi fires salvo at Srinivasan

Appointment of observers for Australia series

Modi and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) secretary N Srinivasan seem headed on a collision course following the IPL chairman’s contention that despite him being the chairman of the BCCI’s Tour Programs and Fixtures committee, he was not consulted before the appointment of the observers for the one-day series.
The Programs and Fixtures committee oversees allocation and conduct of international matches in the country.

In a letter addressed to Srinivasan dripping with sarcasm, Modi made his displeasure at not being consulted prior to the appointment of BCCI observers all too obvious. “As chairman, I should have been taken into confidence,” Modi began, then went on, “You further go on to explain that as the matter did not come up in the last meeting, the decision was made by you in consultation with the President.”
A top BCCI official, also a recipient of the letter, confirmed its contents and added that the issue would come up for discussion when the Programs and Fixtures committee meets at the end of this month.

In the letter, a copy of which is available with Deccan Herald, Modi further wrote, “My question to you is why did it not come up in the meeting as you were the convenor and also the person who made the agenda, and why the same was not listed on the agenda? If for any reason the same was missed - we could have done it thru a conf call or circulation with the members.”

Continuing his scathing attack on the functioning of the Board secretary’s office, Modi continued, “I guess to you, committees are fruitless in having in the first place, as decisions are being taken on an ad-hoc basis and it is your office who decides one and all issues without even the courtesy of keeping the chairman of the particular committee informed.

“You may have your ways of working as the Honorary Secretary of the board in this manner, but please record my decent (intended to mean ‘dissent’) on this issue for whatever it is worth, and table my views as part of the next Working Committee and Committee meeting.”