Heading north

Heading north

Heading north

There is no doubt that good infrastructure is key to healthy growth in the real estate market, and North Bangalore is proof enough, writes Prashanth G N

Despite legitimate cynicism over the state of infrastructure in Bangalore which has broken roads, footpaths and garbage all over the place, a few projects have shown up in the city that have influenced the real estate scene, property development and prices.

The peripheral ring road, airport expansion and the Bellary expressway taking off have contributed to an increase in investment in real estate by developers. 

Start of major developments

While the real estate scene is not spectacular in the region, it is certainly taking root. And major infrastructure projects will further incentivise developers to upgrade the area.

The development of Devanahalli business park, hardware and IT park in Bagalur and the IT Investment Region (ITIR) is expected to raise investment levels manifold in the region between Devanahalli and Whitefield.

The importance of the region can be judged by the fact that behind Manyata Tech Park at Hebbal are major apartment city projects like Sobha city and Bharathiya city and many more.

The Hennur region near Manyata has now become a concert hub. A memorable concert in recent times was the recent one of Carlos Santana, the Mexican singing legend who came to Bangalore in the end of the year 2012.

This new rock music hub has grown out of an aspiring class in Manyata Tech Park — IT pros always looking for higher returns and better recognition. 

Since the Park has youth flooding it in hundreds, property developers realised that one way to draw people to the region and to their projects was to organise western concerts, primarily rock music. In the last three years, Hennur has turned into a youth hub straddling Hebbal and Whitefield. 

Real estate houses are coming up with entire cities in and around Hennur. These ‘apartment cities’ are self-contained — they have supermarkets, entertainment hubs, swimming pools to relax, penthouses, gyms, special clubs, tennis and basket ball courts.

Citizens wouldn’t find the need to shop and relax outside the ‘apartment city’, which would be big enough to permit even health walks inside the campus.

The reason Hennur itself became popular is also because of Kammanhalli, which is a multi-community residential region. The region has, apart from locals, foreigners from Africa and South Korea. 

All within one complex

There are restaurants catering to their specific tastes and the communities study in local colleges and at Whitefield.

Their presence has brought a cosmopolitan outlook to the area and a good number of youngsters go to concerts in the area. The Kammanahalli-Hennur-Hebbal belt is close to Hegdenagar, around which the apartment cities are coming up.

The peripheral ring road also connects north Bangalore with east, south and western parts. With commuting becoming relatively better because of this road, Bangalore’s residential and commercial hub would come up all along this belt. 

The northern area will see significant residential, commercial and retail development as economically well-off sections would reside in these areas. The plan to build a convention hall in this area, along the lines of halls in western capitals, is also a reason buisnessmen will find the area useful. 

Product launches happen in huge settings in America where convention halls are mini cities — this is the model investors would like in Bangalore.

Where social and business infrastructure of high quality is available, there you get to see high-tech houses on the lines of those in the many gated communities of Whitefield.

Lucrative investment space

If an ambience that resembles life in the West is created in Bangalore, NRIs would invest heavily.

State planners wish to make Devanahalli such an investment point — they plan to develop industries that will employ people in thousands. And once the metro is connected to the airport and travel to the city centre becomes relatively easy, the development of the city looks up. 

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) will be the hub for development. The airport was crucial for Bangalore as the HAL airport was getting overcrowded and was not in a position to support the expansion of airlines coming to Bangalore. 

Now that it can even handle the Airbus 380, industrialists abroad will get the signal that the city is serious about becoming the most preferred destination in the country.