Go nude, make a style statement

Go nude, make a style statement

Eye make-up, check; cheekbone highlight, check; and lips all glossed up? Trying too hard to acquire that perfect look just to find it jaded by the grease and grime of a 9 to 5 shift on a scorching summer day.

Let some commonsense prevail. Who doesn’t like a kohled, shimmery eye and all-out glam look but there’s an occasion for everything.

For a regular day look, let your make-up be your second skin.

Between an all painted face and a bare clean one lies a look that lets your face look just the way it is, with a subtle dash of make-up to it.

Get all spruced up to tackle the summer heat with a nude make-up look this summer.

Metrolife sought some expert advice for you to look the best in this avatar.

When you decide to go almost au naturel, “The idea is to look like yourself, just a prettier and softer you. Where your skin tone looks all even and flawless, with a hint of colour on your cheeks just to perk up the look,” says Bollywood beauty and makeup expert Puja Taluja.

And how do you achieve it? “Nude would mean different colours for different skin tones, for instance you can’t opt for fleshy colours for darker skin tones as it won’t blend well with darker skin tone. So I would say peaches and taupe for
fair skin; tawny and caramel for medium tones and chocolate, gold, and terra-cotta for darker tones.”

Anupama Malhotra, founder Vert-Fresh & Handmade Cosmetics suggests, “Our handmade loose powder make-up is made of specially-selected natural powder of cocoa, turmeric, beetroot, french clays… to instantly even out skin and diminish the imperfections. It doesn’t clog pores. The result is a natural finish that never looks masky or overly made up. Smooth and silky, it glides on with a weightless feel and helps improve skin’s appearance. Whereas its SPF helps to protect skin from damage.”

“Loose powder can be worn over liquid moisturisers or directly on bare skin for a radiant finish to refine complexion and reduce shine,” explains Anupama.

When you are done with giving a flawless appeal to your skin, Puja tells us how to go about the entire look.

“Apply a hint of colour on your eyes depending on your skin tone and add some mascara either black or colourless. Add some colour to your cheeks to compliment your skin tone. So peaches and coral for fairer skin tones and pastels for medium skin. Then choose any nude shade for your lips but avoid the outerline. You can also add a hint of colourless gloss just to give it a very girly and soft look.”

Voilà! You are ready to step out with panache.