A quirk of fate landed her a role in Fugly

A quirk of fate landed her a role in Fugly

Not everybody treads a carefully planned path, at times it’s destiny or just a quirk of fate that decides which way we take in life. Too philosophical?

If you listen to Mansha Bahl’s story about entering the B-town, you would believe that at times all it takes is to be at the right place at the right time.

Mansha Bahl’s brush with Bollywood was with her first stint in Rascals, back in 2011, opposite Arjun Rampal.

The Delhi girl is back on the silver screen with Kabir Sadananad’s comedy drama Fugly that releases today.

For the student of Psychology in Amity University, moving to Mumbai to work in the industry last year was a gradual decision. From psychology to acting! What’s the connection? one is compelled to ask.

“I was shopping in Sarojini Nagar market and Kabir, our director for Fugly was out on a location check for his film. That’s where he caught me in the middle of an argument with a shopkeeper and he said, I am looking for a girl like you to act in my film,” says Mansha, who is cast opposite Arfi Lamba in the film.

Back in her college days, she was spotted at a party during her holidays in Mumbai where
she bagged her first acting project in the film, Rascals.

“I was always into dramatics and dancing during my college days, but the idea of staying away From home, Delhi, never really made me toy with the idea of changing base to
Mumbai. But eventually, I had to do it,” says the debutante.

“My father hardly goes to a theatre to watch a movie. But for this one, he says he will definitely go and catch a screening,” says Mansha, enthusiastically.

About her character in the film, she explains, “My character, Payal, has two shades to her. She is this mad, crazy Delhi chick on one hand who uses vocabulary like tante, and as the story unfolds, she assumes the character of a very serious, emotional and sensitive doctor. I didn’t want to just spout out those lines, if I had to play a doctor, I wanted to understand how does their equipment basically work, to be able to use that terminology effortlessly.”  

For co-star-cum-pugilist, Vijender Singh, she says, “There's lot to learn from Vijju. Yes, everyone called Vijender, ‘Vijju’ on the sets. He has tasted success, we are still walking towards that path. And you will be amazed, acting comes so naturally to him.”

The young star who is all agog ahead of Fugly's release, says, “Akshay and Salman Sirs’ cameo in the film is an ashirwad for all of us. There are so many new faces and talents arriving in tinsel town, we newbies, are the new trend in Bollywood. It's just that some get the backing from their industrial backgrounds and some start afresh on a new turf.”